Miltos Manetas


Born in

Athens: October 6, 1964

LIVES AND WORKS: Between Rome, New York and Bogotá

EDUCATION: 1985-1989 Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera

Miltos Manetas is a Greek-born painter, conceptual artist and theorist whose work explores the representation and the aesthetics of the information society. Manetas is the Founder of NEEN (the first art movement of the 21st century), a pioneer of art-after-videogames (MACHINIMA) and an instigator of Postinternet. In 2009, invited to the Venice Biennial he created the first INTERNET PAVILION. In 2014, invited by Rome’s Swiss Institute to propose a tendency that would bring Swiss art to the Digital Age, Manetas introduced the concept of ÑEWPRESSIONISM which he went on developing on real life and Social Media using his techniques of Overeality and Metascreen. Manetas used DOCUMENTA 14 to re-enforce his concept of MEDIOSUD. In 2018, Rome’s MAXXI realized Manetas’ Internet Paintings, a three months performative exhibition while in 2019, the NEOUMILE Modus Operandi was launched at Rome’s MACRO. During the Covid19 Pandemia, Manetas put together “Assange Condition” an exhibition at Palazzo Delle Esposizioni in Rome that was kept closed to the public while it could be viewed online. According to LEV MANOVICH, Manetas’ art can be placed within a well-established tradition in modern painting (representing modern people in their particular modern settings). According to NICOLAS BOURRIAUD Manetas’ work belongs to the domain of RELATIONAL AESTHETICS and POST-PRODUCTION


2019 NEOUMILE, MACRO ASILO, MACRO, Rome, ITALY. 2017 “ANTONIONEGRI.COM (Tony in Documenta14) “, Social Media, online.  2016 “POKEMON AGAIN”, Arthub, Shanghai, China “05:05”, Sabina, Italy “BERLIN BIENNIAL AT LARGE”,, Berlin Biennial, Berlin, GE, ElectronicOrphanage@Siena, Museo d’inverno, Siena, IT 2014 “ÑEWPRESSIONISM”, FIRST ÑEWPRESSIONISM WORKSHOP, Istituto Svizzero, Roma, Italy ÑEWPRESSIONISM IN MILAN, 1,11,111. (FROM SCREEN TO NATURE AND BACK AGAIN), Istituto Svizzero, Milan, Italy 2013 “MEDIOSUD”, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (MACRO) “NAVIGATOR TO NOWHERE”, 0Z2O Galleria | Sara Zanin, Rome, Italy 2011 “ISLAND OF INTERNET”, II PADIGLIONE INTERNET for the Venice Biennial, Isola di San Servolo, Venezia, IT 2011-2012 MACROeo, the electronicOrphanage at the MACRO Museum in Rome 2001 “The ElectronicOrphanage”, Deitch projects. NY, USA


2020 “CONDIZIONE ASSANGE”, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome

2019 “MILANO”, Torre Rasini, Milan, IT, “1998”, Galerie Hussenot, Paris, FR, “MILANO”, Galleria Valentina Bonomo, Rome, IT,

2018 “INTERNET PAINTINGS”, MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome, IT, “SATELLITES”, InfoPoint del Porto, Acciaroli, IT 2017 “ΜΕΜΩΡΙ”, Galleria Valentina Bonomo, Rome, IT,   “DRAWINGS QUASI PAINTINGS”, Galerie Plutschow, Zürich, CH,  “TORTUGA” (with Nora Renaud), Aldo Chaparro Studio, Mexico City, MX

2016 “MANETAS TIMELINE*2013”, Galleria Pack, Milan

2015 “Angels”, CAC, Conceptual Art Centre, Landskrona, Sweden. DER BERG OF MY FAMILY, Galerie Plutschow, Zürich, Switzerland 2014 DER BERG OF MY FAMILY, Galerie Plutschow, Zürich, Switzerland

2013 “THE UNCONNECTED” Third Internet Pavilion for the Venice Biennial, Oratorio di San Ludovico, Venice, Italy “BLACKBERRY PAINTINGS”, Santo Spirito in Sassia, Roma, Italy “AFTER BLACKBERRY PAINTINGS”, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (MACRO)

2011 THE ISLAND OF THE NET, Second Internet Pavilion for the Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy  “Angels”, CAC, Conceptual Art Centre, Postojna, Slovenia.

2010 SEVEN RESOLUTIONS, La Central, Bogota, Colombia

2009 PIRATE PAINTINGS, GloriaMaria Gallery, Milan, Italy PADIGLIONE INTERNET, The First Internet Pavilion for the Venice Biennial, 53rd International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy ZHANG HUAN, MILTOS MANETAS, Galleria Pack, Milan, Italy

2008  THANKYOUANDYWARHOL.COM, Galería Casado Santapau, Madrid, Spain

2007  THE INTERNET PAINTINGS, Blow de la Barra Gallery, London , UK .

2006 DOGS AND CABLES, Yvon Lambert Gallery , NY, USA FEELINGS. Galleria Pack, Milan, Italy 2005 MANETAS AND ANIMATIONS, Sketch, London 2005 PRISCILLA 41, Kalfayan Gallery, Thessalonica, Greece

2004 MEMOIRS OF THE DEVIL, Cosmic Gallery, Paris , France MILTOS MANETAS, CELEBRATING THE DEMON, Färgfabriken Stockholm, Stockholm

2002 JESUSSWIMMING.COM- a Website- Moca, Tucson , Arizona AFTERNEEN, Casco, Utrecht

2000 NEEN, A NEW ART MOVEMENT, Gagosian Gallery, NY 2000 MURAKAMI-MANETAS, PinkSummer, Genoa 1999 AFTER VIDEOGAMES, Lux Gallery, London 1999 EIGHT PERFECT PAINTINGS, Lawing Gallery, Houston, Texas THE FABRIC OF REALITY (after D. Deutsch), Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens

1998 MIRRORSITES 98, Postmasters Gallery, New York MIRRORSITES 98, Philippe Rizzo, Paris MIRRORSITES 98, Dan Bernier, Los Angeles MIRRORSITES 98, Le Case D’Arte, Milan MIRRORSITES 98, NewSandandrea Gallery, Savona MIRRORSITES 98, Galleria Analix, Basel Art Fair MIRRORSITES 98, Ex Lanificio Bona, Turin, Italy

1997 POINT TO POINT PROTOCOL, Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens PLAYSTATION 64, Il Capricorno Gallery, Venice, IT WHOOPS!, Philippe Rizzo Gallery, Paris, FR MILTOS MANETAS, Lotta Hammer Gallery, London FLAMES, Analix Forever, Geneva

1996 SELECTED OBJECTS, Le Consortium Centre d’Art Contemporain, Dijon. MILTOS MANETAS, Analix Forever, Geneva OUTPUT, Newsantandrea Gallery, Savona, Italy

1995 COMPUTER PATTERN MOUNTAINS, Galleria Raucci/Santamaria, Naples SOFT DRILLER, Giò Marconi gallery, Milano

1993 EXTRAS, Fac-Simile Gallery, Milan, IT


2020 PEINTURE: obsolescence déprogrammée Musée de l’abbaye Sainte-Croix (MASC) Les Sables d’ Olonne

2019 WHERE WE NOW STAND- In Order to Map the Future, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art – Kanazawa, Japan, PLAYMODE, Galeria Fundação EDP PortoPortoPortugal, PLAYMODE. MAAT Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology Lisbon Portugal, SKETCHPAD, quand nos enfants seront adultes, Curator Barbara Polla, Nicolas Etchenagucia, Topographie de l’art, Paris, FR, A HIGHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS , Gallery Hussenot, Paris, FR, CORPORATE SPACE/VISION (K-Way®), ARTISSIMA 2019, Turin, IT.

2018 ANTI, ATHENS BIENNIAL, Athens, Greece, GEOMETRIES, ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE, Agricultural University of Athens, Athens, Greece , Collection David H. Brolliet, GeneveFondation Fernet Branca, Saint-Louis, France

2017 Working Drawings and Other Visible Things on Paper Not Necessarily Meant To Be Viewed as Art (After Bochner), CAC Landskrona, Sweden Curated by Nina Slejko and Conny Blom. On the road Pio Monti Rome Italy Rendezvous Plutschow Gallery Zurich Switzerland

2016 “LA COLLETTIVA DEL AÑO” , Salon Comunal, Bogota, CO GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY, Milan Triennale, Milan, IT

2015 “THROUGH THE BARRICADES” Fabrica del Vapore – Milan. IT “LE NOUVEAU FESTIVAL” Centre Pompidou- Paris, FR “INTO THE LLERATNAC FIELD/PRIMER PLAN QUINQUENAL DE AERIDOAMERICA”, Festival Tránsito MX06 Center for the Arts, Mexico City, ME  “Working Drawings And Other Visible Things On Paper Not Necessarily Meant To Be Viewed As Art (After Bochner)“Small Good Things (Artworks We Like That Fitted In Our Suitcases)” curated by Nina Slejko Blom & Conny Blom, CAC, Conceptual Art Centre, Postojna, Slovenia.

2014  Old-school ASMR curated by Nina Slejko Blom & Conny Blom, CAC, Conceptual Art Centre, Postojna, Slovenia.

2013 “EVERYWHERE BUT NOW”, 4th Thessaloniki Biennial, Thessaloniki, Gr. “THE MEDITERRANEAN EXPERIENCE”, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Gr. “THE SYSTEM OF OBJECTS”, DESTE Foundation, Athens, GR.“REMATERIALIZED”, New Galerie, Paris, FR  “OLD-SCHOOL ASMR”, CAC, Conceptual Art Centre, Postojna, Slovenia. “PAINTING INVISIBLE PAINTINGS”, FOTOGRÁFICA BOGOTÁ

2013, La Central, Bogota, Colombia “PLAY!CGN” – computer games and cultural contingencies, Temporary Gallery, Köln

2012 MAPAS INVISIBLES, curated by Violeta Horcasitas , Luis Adelandado Gallery, Mexico City, GUILTY by Ivana Porfiri in collaboration con Jeff Koons for Dakis Joannou, Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Villa Croce Eternal internet Brotherhood, curated by Angelo Plessas, Anafi, Greece

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2005 III BIENIAL DE VALENCIA, AGUA SIN TI NO SOY, Bienal de Valencia, Valencia, Spain PRAGUE BIENNIAL2 – Prague Biennale, Prague THE LOOP OF NEEN, Loop Art Fair, Barcelona FRIEZE ART FAIR, with Rebecca Camhi Gallery ELECTROSCAPE INTERNATIONAL, Himalayas Art Museum (the former Zendai Museum of Modern Art) , Shanghai FROM NEEN TO SONAR, Sonar Festival, Barcelona NEEN DAY, Sketch, London DOMUS CIRCULAR, San Siro, Milan, Italy COHABITATS, Ghislaine Hussenot Gallery, Paris EXISTENTIAL COMPUTING, Hayward Gallery, London , UK ABSTRACT SUPERMARIO PERFORMANCE The MTV Party, Fargfabrinken, Stockholm NEEN DAY Sketch, London FIVE05, Gering & López Gallery, New York City, NY

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1993 SCHONHEIT MACHT SCHAMHAFT, Aschenbach Gallery, Amsterdam


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People’s Voice Winner of the Webby Awards 2009 for the website


2020, Postinternet Según Manetas, Galería Santa Fe, Bogotá

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